FIO Token Economics for Wallets/Exchanges

The FIO Protocol provides a number of opportunities for wallets and exchanges to benefit from the FIO Token’s utility economics.

Technology Provider ID (TPID) Fees:

10% of all FIO token fees from FIO Addresses and Domains registered inside of a wallet or exchange are credited to the wallet or exchange through their TPID.

User Bounties:

The FIO Protocol generates an additional 40% FIO Token User Bounty payment to the TPID from FIO Addresses and Domains registered inside of a wallet or exchange. These payments continue until a total of 125M FIO Tokens have been generated in User Bounties.

FIO Address Giveaways:

The Foundation for Interwallet Operability was allocated 125M special tokens at mainnet that can only be used to pay the fees for registering FIO Addresses. Wallets and Exchanges have the opportunity to participate in these giveaways to their users and, when they do, they still receive the TPID Fee and User Bounties.

Block Production

Wallets and Exchanges should have access to a meaningful number of FIO tokens for voting. These come from:

  1. The FIO Tokens rewards described above;
  2. FIO Tokens that are held by users in their product. Even non-custodial wallets can vote the FIO tokens held by their users, via proxy, so long as the user has not taken action to vote the tokens themselves.
  3. FIO Tokens that may have been received additionally as integration incentives from the Foundation.

As a result, wallets and exchanges may have the opportunity to participate in block production and receipt of block producer fees either individually or by teaming up with other wallets and exchanges.

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