Distribution Schedule

68% of tokens are minted at Mainnet and 32% of tokens will be minted over time.

Tokens Minted at Mainnet

PurposeNumber of TokensShare of Total SupplyRestricted VotingSubject to Lockup Period
The Foundation38,805,9613.88%YesNo
Foundation Private Locked Token Sales50,000,0005.00%YesYes
Initial Listing Marketing2,800,0000.28%NoNo
FIO Address Giveaways125,000,00012.50%YesYes
Foundation Service Providers3,200,0000.32%YesYes
Dapix Employees175,307,41417.53%YesYes
Dapix Investors164,154,86216.42%YesYes
Dapix Advisors10,537,7241.05%YesYes
FIO Members113,940,38511.39%NoYes
  • To comply with regulations, all Dapix Investors tokens and some Dapix Advisors tokens will be allocated to Dapix at Mainnet and then immediately transferred to a registered Money Transmitter, which will then immediately transfer them to individual locked accounts.
  • To comply with regulations, some FIO Members tokens will be allocated to a registered Money Transmitter at Mainnet, which will then immediately transfer them to individual locked accounts.

Tokens Minted Over Time

PurposeNumber of TokensShare of Total SupplyRestricted VotingSubject to Lockup Period
Foundation Reserves181,253,65418.13%YesNo
New User Bounties125,000,00012.5%NoNo
Block Producer Reserves10,000,0001.00%NoNo

Fully Minted Token Distribution

Lockups and Restrictions

Tokens allocated to Foundation Service Providers, Dapix Employees, Dapix Investors, Dapix Advisors, FIO Members and 50M tokens allocated to the Foundation are programmatically locked, which prevents them from being transferred. These tokens become unlocked on the following schedule:

Days since MainnetDatePercentage of tokens unlocked

In addition, FIO Members tokens will only be unlocked on the above schedule, if the Foundation has signed a transaction to the blockchain certifying that that FIO Member has launched the FIO Protocol integration inside their platform. If that transaction is not sent within 210 days from launch of Mainnet or 2020-10-21, tokens of that FIO Member will be permanently locked and will not be spendable, votable.

When locked, tokens can be voted as follows:

PurposeVoting restriction
Foundation, FIO MembersNo restriction
Foundation Service Providers, Dapix Employees, Dapix Investors, Dapix AdvisorsMinimum 30% of initial grant is votable, rest is votable after unlock

Tokens in the Foundation account are not programmatically restricted from voting, however the Foundation has made a commitment to not vote its tokens.

Tokens locked in FIO Address Giveaways can never be transferred or voted and can only be spent on FIO fees. The Foundation will use these funds to offer free FIO Address giveaways. Once it spends tokens from this pool on registration fees, the tokens are distributed to block producers (over a period of one year) and become fully unlocked.

Token Release Schedule

The following release schedule makes certain assumptions for tokens which are minted or unlocked based on future user activity:

  • BP Reserves – amount minted depends on fees collected and BP rewards claimed in any 24-hour period.
  • New User Bounties – amount of tokens minted depend on amount of fees collected when TPID is provided.
  • Address Giveaway – amount of tokens unlocked depend on giveaway campaigns ran by the Foundation.

For current statistics on minted tokens, locked tokens and circulating supply, see Block Explorer Chain Stats, which is updated in real-time.

Foundation Reserves

Until Foundation Reserves are exhausted, 150,000 new tokens will be minted and added to the amount of FIO Tokens distributed to Foundation account in any 24-hour period.

New User Bounties

New user bounties are paid to the entity facilitating new FIO Address or FIO Address Domain registration. This bounty is paid automatically and in addition to normal fee distribution and is available to any entity that integrates the FIO Protocol and creates new user engagement.

The new user bounties will be initially set to 40% of the new registration fee collected by the facilitating entity (meaning total payout will be 10% standard + 40% bounty = 50%) and will be paid until New User Bounty pool is exhausted.

Block Producer Reserves

Until Block Producer Reserves are exhausted, if in any 24-hour period tokens payable to Block Producers from collected fees are less than 50,000, the difference will be minted so that the minimum pool of tokens payable to Block producers is 50,000 every day.

Known Public Keys



Initial token allocation: 21,605,961 (Foundation initial allocation) + 20,000,000 (Airdrop) – 600 fee allowance to multi-sig accounts = 41,405,361


presale.csvpresale.csv – 15KB

FIO Address Giveaways

address_giveaway.csvaddress_giveaway.csv – 8KB

Foundation Service Providers

service_providers.csvservice_providers.csv – 210B

Dapix Employees

employees.csvemployees.csv – 1KB

Dapix Investors and Advisors

investors_advisors.csvinvestors_advisors.csv – 2KB

FIO Members

members.csvmembers.csv – 1KB

Changes since Original publication on Foundation KB

11-May-2020Moved 50M Pre/Private sale tokens to the Foundation. Those tokens were already controlled by the Foundation and separate Statement of Foundation Token Use was added to reflect that.Modified airdrop allocation from 20M to 10M and added 20M token IEO reflecting agreement reached with partner exchange.
7-July-2020Removed airdrop and IEO allocations and added Initial Listing Marketing (2.8M) reflecting agreement reached with partner exchange.

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