FIO Address Registration (Scatter)

FIO Address Registration (Scatter)

Scatter Wallet currently supports registration of FIO Addresses on the @scatter and @ridl domains.

1) Start by selecting “Setup Account” for FIO in your Scatter Wallet

2) You will be taken to the registration site, where you can select the domain you wish to register on, and search for an available FIO Address.

3) On the payment screen, select from a variety of cryptocurrencies to pay with.

4) After selecting a cryptocurrency (ETH, for example), follow the instructions to send the selected cryptocurrency. Many crypto payment processors will have a time limit in which the payment must be received.

5) Depending on the cryptocurrency used to pay with, you may have to wait for confirmation to complete (upwards of 10 minutes, but usually much shorter).

6) After payment is completed, there’s another slight delay at which point the FIO Address is finalized on the FIO Chain, but it should be within a few minutes, if not instantaneous.

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