You can track the current FIO Improvement Proposals (FIPs) here:


It is anticipated that the Foundation for Interwallet Operability will fund the development of the following functionality within a year after Mainnet launch:

  • Friend List functionality
  • FIO Request public mode spam prevention
  • Time to finality improvements via PBFT (Pratical Byzantine Fault Tollerance) messaging
  • Registration origination bounty
  • Pricing oracle that block producers can use to obtain FIO token price from exchanges to use in fee setting logic
  • Transfer FIO Domain and FIO Address including escrow functionality
  • Burn FIO Domain and FIO Address
  • Enabling domain owners to burn addresses on their domain.

Potential future functionality could include many things as the list continues to grow. Current ideas include:

  • Verified user program – methodology whereby domain owners opt-in to have their identity verified such that the FIO protocol can display a verified FIO Address to a counter-party
  • Aliases – ability to associate FIO Addresses with other character constructs such as an email address thereby enabling the concept of sending/receiving blockchain transactions using that alias
  • Multi-sig routing – functionality for multi-signature exists on a number of blockchains. Secure decentralized routing of multi-signature requests does not
  • Recurring payments – ability to send recurring payment requests and follow up requests based on time schedules
  • Referral functionality – adding capability to reward users that bring other users into the FIO Protocol
  • Browser plug-in – a browser plug-in could provide websites and distributed applications the user’s FIO Address thereby enabling the user to interact with them without having to physically type it in
  • FIO Domain/Address management tool – users (especially companies) will eventually desire a tool to see and manage their FIO Domains and Addresses in one place
  • Pre-approving requests – in order to improve frequent interactions with DAPPs (e,g, playing a game), the integrating wallets may implement the ability to pre-approve requests based on sender, amount, and frequency. When enabled, the wallet will automatically approve a request from an approved sender if it is below a designated amount threshold or frequency
  • Premium FIO Addresses – this feature will allow domain owners to programmatically increase price of FIO Addresses on their domains in order to offer premium services to those who register such address. For example, if you pay with a FIO address on the @vip domain, you will get VIP perks.
  • Multifactor authentication – a FIO Address can be used as a user login to online applications and instead of a password, the user could respond to an in wallet zero-amount FIO Request as proof of ownership of a FIO Address

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