Foundation Overview

Foundation Overview

The Foundation for Interwallet Operability is a Cayman non-profit foundation. It has been formed to facilitate the growth and adoption of the FIO Protocol, but not to manage or otherwise control the protocol.

The Foundation’s mission is to facilitate an adoption explosion for blockchain through a decentralized, industry standard, industry governed, cross platform, chain agnostic usability protocol.

The charter of the Foundation is as follows:

  • Manage Foundation treasury
  • Promote awareness and education of the FIO Protocol
  • Provide support to Full FIO Members in integrating the FIO Protocol
  • Develop tools enabling easier integration (i.e. SDKs)
  • Manage the structure and submission process as well as provide an impact statement on FIO Improvements Proposals (FIPs)
  • Create and fund original code enhancements for the FIO Protocol and submit them as FIPs
  • Fund other projects and bug bounties benefiting the ecosystem

The Foundation will be managed as a Decentralized Autonomous Consortia (DAC) with voting and governance running atop the FIO Chain.

Foundation Accounts

DescriptionFIO Public Key
Main Wallet controlled by Foundation BoardFIO7WUm6fWGeqHeP9DPriPemdtY1eWZRG9VAhDEWuEX46whAQYLA6
Warm WalletFIO6pKeeLKKCpHgbrWSLRGA31KKoZbrtV5C1eXGwkz26VNAv8Atjt
Registration WebsiteFIO8NnD5ogVa32MXgTRSfcVrdTVi3RZXNfpMoQYen9c3o4vuyUY8k
Managing Director’s WalletFIO8NknCJWs1U66DWj1g7VRXY1gqSQBdn3xw1BaKr1VcxFRWsMTte

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