Foundation Board

The Foundation Board will consist of nine members. The initial members will be appointed from the pool of early industry participants in the FIO Protocol and will serve until one year after Mainnet launch. After the initial term, the Foundation Board will conduct an ongoing poll among token holders for board member candidates and appoint new members from the pool of top candidates by number of votes received.

The Foundation Board, via multi-sig, will have control over the Foundation treasury.

Current Board Members

Luke StokesManaging DirectorHive Witness, eosDAC, EOS Foundation
Paul PueyDirectorEdge Wallet
Brent TraidmanDirectorBRD Wallet
George KimionisDirectorCoinomi Wallet
Glenn KennedyDirectorParadigm Partners
Rami JamesDirectorScatter Wallet
Hahn RyuDirectorEOS NodeOne

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