Ecosystem Participants

FIO works with a large arrays of blockchain entities – ranging from projects that can directly integrated the FIO Protocol, to various other academic and community organizations that support the advancement of blockchain usability.

The Foundation consists of 3 general categories of participants:

FIO Members – Established wallets, exchanges, crypto payment processors and other entities that will integrate the open source FIO Protocol into their offerings can become FIO Members. FIO Members are provided special incentives to integrate the protocol in a timely manner, but otherwise, do not retain any special rights or capabilities around the FIO Protocol itself

FIO Ecosystem – Includes foundations of other blockchain protocols, academic institutions and other various blockchain-related entities that support the FIO Protocol with technical, academic, or security-related expertise.

FIO Token Holders – All holders of FIO tokens have an on-chain capability of voting in a variety of governance-related issues.

  1. Block Producers – all token holders are allowed to vote, either directly or through proxy, for block producers to provide resources for the FIO blockchain. By default, token holders will have their vote proxied based on the TPID of the application which they are using – which in most cases, is their wallet/exchange.
  2. Board and Fund voting – as FIO continues to evolve towards decentralized governance, FIO Token holders will have the opportunity to participate in Foundation governance by being able to vote their opinion for individuals to sit on the FIO Board. In order to comply with Cayman law, the Board is selected by the current FIO Board from the top 12 token vote getters.

Participation in the Foundation is not required to use or integrate the FIO Protocol, nor to become a block producer.

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