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Pre-Mainnet FIO Domain auction and Address pre-sale

In 2019, the Foundation has conducted a pre-mainnet auction of FIO Domains and pre-sale of FIO Addresses. 1,922 domains and 7,539‬ FIO Addresses have been pre-registered at Mainnet.

In addition the Foundation has pre-reserved 6,675 domains:

  • Top 100 internet TLDs. To avoid confusion with DNS, FIO Domains that match top 100 TLDs based on number of domains have been reserved and are assigned to the Foundation.
  • Select companies and token symbols. To protect the integrity of the FIO Protocol, FIO Domains that match select companies or token symbol have been reserved and are assigned to the Foundation. If you represent one of those companies, please contact the Foundation to discuss domain name re-assignment.

All pre-registered domains and addresses are valid for a period of 1 year from the launch of mainnet and have to be renewed by respective owners.

The Foundation has no ability to enforce trademark disputes or identify owners of domains.

Reserved Domains

All reserved domains are shared on the spreadsheet linked below, including their status on whether they have been claimed.

Reserved Domain Spreadsheet

To claim a reserved domain, you must be able to provide a FIO Public Key and enter a DNS TXT record. For full instructions, please fill out the claim form below:

FIO Reserved Domain Claim Form

All Domains registered at Mainnet

The following domains have been registered as part of Mainnet launch and include Reserved Domains, domains sold in Domain Pre-sale, domains assigned to FIO Members (each member joining before Mainnet was given an option to pre-reserve up to 5 domains to use for their entity). All domains registered at Mainnet are valid for 1 year from launch.

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