FIO Protocol vs. Other Wallet Naming Systems

FIO Protocol vs. Other Wallet Naming Systems

The FIO Protocol is a unique project within the blockchain space – it sits as a usability layer which greatly reduces some of the common risks and frustrations with using blockchain-based assets.

The FIO Protocol only overlaps with other wallet naming solutions in regards to one feature – FIO Addresses. Built on that is an entire suite of other usability enhancements, like FIO Requests and FIO Data.

Most other wallet naming solutions ONLY solve the public address mapping problem, or deviate into completely different arenas like decentralized domain names. FIO Addresses are just one part of the the FIO Protocol’s primary, and only, mission of improving usability.

To read a longer article explaining the differences, please check out the article below:

Wallet Naming vs. The FIO Protocol The FIO Protocol is often confused with other wallet naming solutions, including ID/account systems built for specific protocols. Read the full story on

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