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A place for block producers to document all things FIO.

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FIO – The Industry Standard for Blockchain Usability.
The FIO Protocol is bridging the gap between wallets (both exchange-based and self-sovereign) as well as crypto payment processing platforms providing an industry standard decentralized service layer of data, requests and confirmations that abstract away the complexities of the underlying blockchains. The FIO Protocol is not a wallet, not an exchange and not a crypto payment processor, rather, it enables them all to deliver a dramatically improved user experience. 

FIO Developers Hub

  • Block Producing Nodes are nodes that are configured to produce blocks in a FIO-based blockchain. This functionality if provided through the producer_plugin as well as other Nodeos Plugins. They connect to the peer-to-peer network and actively produce new blocks. Loose transactions are also validated and relayed. On Mainnet, Producing Nodes only produce blocks if their assigned block producer is part of an active schedule. 

The FIO Foundation

The Foundation for Interwallet Operability is a industry consortia, consisting of leading wallets, exchanges, crypto payment processors, and various other entities and community members dedicated to the pursuit of blockchain usability through the FIO Protocol.